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👋 About Us

Welcome to the "Best Stuff for Guys," your ultimate go-to guide for all things awesome! We are the trailblazers in the industry, dedicated to uncompromising quality and cutting-edge advice. Our blog is built on a simple yet unique ethos: finding and sharing the coolest, most rad stuff specifically tailored for guys.

About How It All Began

How It All Began

Our story began on an ordinary night when a not-so-ordinary idea sparked into existence. Our founder woke from a deep sleep with an AHA moment that couldn't be ignored: a blog, by guys for guys, sharing all the cool things that guys should know about. And thus, "Best Stuff for Guys" was born.

Our journey since inception hasn't been a sprint; rather, it's been a slow, steady, and determined climb. The blog has evolved over time, matching the pace of our personal growth and the ever-changing interests of our dynamic readership.

Only the Universe Could Line This Up

Our Mission

"Best Stuff for Guys" is fueled by a two-fold mission:

    We serve as a bridge between you and the cool stuff you need. Our content - ranging from how-to’s, reviews, to comprehensive guides - is designed to add value to your life, making it easier to find what you love and learn new skills

    The Team

    Our team is a trio of different talents, interests, and a shared passion for all things guys love.

    Matthew Gisonno

    Matthew Gisonno
    A Senior UI Engineer with expert skills in Next.js / React, is our tech guru. When he's not exploring the digital realm, Matthew is seeking cool products and experiences to share with you.

    Devin Bendig

    Devin Bendig
    A Salesforce Marketing Cloud Architect, balances her super-mom duties and entrepreneurial drive while ensuring our blog stays true to its mission.

    Daniel Bendig

    Daniel Bendig
    The young dynamo, is the heart and soul of "Best Stuff for Guys". At just six, he steers the ship with a vibrant energy that inspires us to be better each day. Future YouTube gamer and billionaire in the making, Daniel reminds us that it's cool to dream big!

    Why "Best Stuff for Guys"?

    As guys, we understand the fun, crazy, and sometimes, yes, the downright stupid stuff we do. This understanding and camaraderie form the foundation of our blog. We're here to offer a valuable resource that helps you find the best stuff without the time-consuming research. Our aim is to make your purchase decisions effortless and 100% satisfying.

    Only the best!

    Our Commitment

    Honesty, accuracy, and integrity are pillars we hold high in our personal lives and here at "Best Stuff for Guys". Each product we recommend is either personally tested or something we would happily use ourselves. Our reviews may be biased, but only towards cool stuff we love, and we think you'll love too.

    So, what's next? We invite you to dive into our collection of blog articles and explore the world of cool stuff for guys. If you want to get a female perspective on cool stuff, feel free to visit our partner site, "Best Stuff for Girls". Welcome to our community. Enjoy the journey!

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